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The Formation of
The International Society for the History of Islamic Medicine

(September 2022)



The executive council is formed of :

Dr. HajarA.Hajar Al-Binali, Minister of Health in Qatar, Honorary President  
Prof. Abdulnaser Kaadan (USA), Honorary President

Prof. Nil Sari (Turkey), President
Prof. Faisal Latif Alnasir (Bahrain), Vice President
Dr. Sharif Kaf Al-Ghazal (England), Secretary General
Dr Ahmet Ozdinc (Turkey), Treasurer




The Formation of
The International Society for the History of Islamic Medicine

(December 2000)

There is a consensus amongst researchers of the history of medicine that early Arab and Muslim physicians had played a very important role in the development of medical science during the renaissance of Islamic civilization, which spanned for eight centuries. This was achieved through translating earlier medical and scientific scripts and developing these sciences in the light of their clinical expertise.

Despite the above fact, it is well-known that, as yet, the full potential of the Islamic medical heritage has not been investigated in a way that shows its real role and importance in the development of modern medicine; especially its effect on the European Renaissance. So far, only a little part of this important heritage has been studied or come to light. Most of the scripts of Islamic medicine are dusting on the shelves of private and some public libraries around the world.

In the light of this, a number of physicians, scholars and historians called for reviving this heritage on an international level. This is to be achieved through organization and teamwork. And this is how the idea of the International Society for the History of Islamic Medicine emerged.

The first meeting of this society convened between 1-3 December 2000 in Doha (QATAR) and was chaired by HE Dr.H.A.Hajar Al-Binali, Minister of Health in Qatar. A number of physicians and historians have attended this meeting.

An executive council has been set up and The founding members are:

Dr. HajarA.Hajar Al-Binali, Minister of Health in Qatar, Chairman.
Dr. Abdul Nasser Kaadan (Syria), Secretary General.
Dr. Mehdi Mohaghegh (Iran), First Vice-Chairman.
Dr. Husain Nagamia (USA), Second Vice-Chairman.
Dr. Nil Sari (Turkey), Third Vice-Chairman.
Dr. Sharif Kaf Al-Ghazal (England), member.
Dr. Mostafa Shehata (Egypt), member.
Dr. Faisal Latif Alnasir (Bahrain), member.
Mr. Ali Suwaidi (QATAR), (Treasurer).

The By-Laws were discussed and approved during the meeting. It was also decided that Doha would be the permanent location of the society.

Membership in the society is open to everyone who has got an interest in or would like to contribute to the study of the History of Islamic Medicine.

We look forward to receiving support and help from our fellow scholars and researchers all over the world.

We hope we will be able (Insha Allah) to achieve our aims for the benefit of mankind through bringing to light the virtues of this vast heritage.

The founding members of the society

Standing (from left):
Dr.H.Nagamia, Dr. A.N.Kaadan, Dr.S.Kaf Al-Ghazal, Dr.H.A.Hajar, Dr.F.L.Alnasir, Dr.M.Mohaghegh, Dr. M.Shehata

Sitting (from left):
Dr.N.Sari , Dr.R.Hajar (The Editor of the journal)


By-Law Of the International Society for The History of Islamic Medicine

Article (1)

There shall be established hereunder, a Scientific Society in Doha - Qatar, called the "International Society for the History of Islamic Medicine" with the following purposes:

1. To promote public awareness of the contributions undertaken by scientists in the field of Islamic medical sciences.

2. To establish a library to include manuscripts and indexes of the old medical manuscripts, photocopies of such manuscripts in addition to the recently published books of relevance to the history of Islamic Medicine.

3. To issue a Journal twice a year for publishing researches and articles related to history of Islamic Medicine.

4. To convene International Meetings and Conferences every two years

5. To allocate a nominal prize to be awarded every two years to the best contribution to the history of Islamic Medicine.

6. Cooperation with other institutions/organizations having similar purposes.

Article (2)

The Society will be composed of Regular Members, Student members, and Honorary members.

Regular member: Shall mean any person or individual, irrespective of nationality and religion, concerned with history of Islamic Medicine and whose membership is approved by the society's Executive Council and will pay the prescribed fees. He/she can vote/hold office.

Student member : He/she can not vote or hold office.

Honorary member: Shall mean a person who has undertaken tremendous achievements in History of Islamic Medicine sphere or a person who has offered considerable financial contributions to support the Society's activities. Honorary members shall be designated by the Executive Council and awarded the Certificate of Honorary membership. He/she shall not vote or hold office.

Article (3)

Applications for membership shall be submitted to the Secretary General, and accompanied by a brief CV. Acceptance shall take effect after payment of US$ 25 fee. Student membership fees application must be accompanied by proof/letter that he/she is a student. Student membership shall be US$ 10.
The member will then receive a membership certificate. The Active member shall receive on a regular basis the Journal of the Society, news bulletin, and all publications related to the Society.

Membership shall be terminated under the following circumstances:

1) Official resignation.
2) Cessation of payment of membership fee.

Article (4)

The financial resources of the Association shall consist of:

1. Annual membership fees.

2. Donations offered to the association by organizations, agencies and individuals.

3. Other resources as may be approved by the Executive Council from time
to time.

Article (5)

The Society will be run by an Executive Council of 9 members and composed of President, three (3) Vice Presidents, a Secretary General, a treasurer and 3 members for 2 years renewable. Members of the Executive Council shall be elected by the Administrative Council.

The Executive Council will be assisted by an Administrative Council composed of the Executive Council in addition to National Delegates. Each State will be represented by a member in Society's Administrative Council.

Article (6)

The President of the Society will be elected by the Administrative Council to a two-year term and shall not serve for more than two consecutive terms. Duties and responsibilities of the President shall be to represent the society in all conferences and meetings, to approve Agenda of the Executive Council, Administrative Council and General Assembly, and to Chair all meetings.

Article (7)

The Vice-Presidents shall be elected by the Administrative Council to a three years term. Their duties and responsibilities shall be to assume all duties and authority of the President in the latter's absence or otherwise by delegation by the President.
Quorum: The presence of 50% of the members of the Administrative Council and Executive Council shall constitute a quorum.

Voting: Voting by the Administrative Council may be made in person or can be submitted by post or e-mail.

Article (8)

The Secretary General will be elected by the Administrative Council to a 3-year term renewable for one time only.

The Secretary General shall be responsible for conduction of communication with all members of the Society as well as the other relevant associations, planning the Agenda of the meetings of the Executive Council and Administrative Council.

Article (9)

The Treasurer shall be elected by the Administrative Council to a 3-year term. He must have permanent office in Qatar, in which is the Society's headquarters. The duties and responsibilities of the Treasurer shall be to care for the Society's funds deposited in US$ in the Society's name in a Qatari Bank. Cheques must be signed by the Treasurer and the President or one of the Vice-Presidents. The Treasurer will submit to the Executive Council an annual report on the financial turnover.

Article (10)

The National Delegates shall be elected by members of the Society of their representative states. They must maintain on-going contacts with the General Secretary of the Society and report to him on the Society's activities in that particular country.

Article (11)

Meetings of the Executive Council shall be held in the headquarter once a year as scheduled by the President of the Society, whereas the Administrative Council shall meet once every two years in the course of the International Conference.

Article (12)

The Executive Council shall pass its decisions by a simple majority vote and in case of equality of votes the Chairman shall have a casting vote.

Article (13)

The meetings of the General Assembly (all members) will be chaired by the Society's President. Such a meeting will be held every two years in the course of the International Conference for the discussion of the Society's activities, and presentation of proposals, and suggestions made by the members.
During these meetings, an administrative report will be presented by the Secretary General and a financial report audited by an independent auditor to be submitted by the Treasurer.

Article (14)

The place and date of International Conferences will be determined by the Executive Council.

Article (15)

As this Society is formed only recently, this By-law is subject to modification by the Executive Council without referral to the General Assembly until this paragraph is nullified by the General Assembly.